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Are you training or straining?

Training is a physical stress. Yes, physical stress in small amounts can and usually is a benefit to our bodies. But what about psychological stress, do we see this as a good or a bad stressor?

Although you may be able to tell the difference between ‘good’ stress and ‘bad’ stress, your body cannot. Think about your day today, did you encounter any type of emotional stress? Did you then exercise intensely? I get it; you use exercise to relieve stress, we all do. But at what point do we give our bodies time to recover? Our bodies unfortunately cannot, in terms of physical demand, deal with this amount of stress and hence you start straining your body.

Time and time again we see clients getting frustrated with their bodies: not performing correctly, not looking the way they want, the list goes on. Why? Because their bodies have not been able to recover properly. How you recover all depends on your allostatic load; my what??

Allostatic load refers to the accumulated wear and tear (stress) your body is exposed to repeatedly. Basically all of the stress that life causes physically, mentally and emotionally all piles up and forms your allostatic load. We all need to plan recovery time from ALL types of stressors, not just the physical ones.

Exercise comes in all different types of forms and intensities. The trick is learning how to do the right amount of exercise, at the right intensity and at the right time. Or what we like to call intuitive training.

To intuitively train you need to listen to what your body is saying. Attach exercise to your emotions. Feeing stressed and tired – stretch or do floor work. Best day ever – go hard! Training frequently and intensely without recovery means your stress will never subside. When stress doesn’t recover you’re more likely to get sick, injure yourself or completely deplete yourself to exhaustion.

So, believe us when we say, sometimes less is more. No-one wants to crash and burn. Listen to what your body wants – 9/10 it’s smarter than your head.